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American Pro Se Bankruptcy Help

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NOTICE: Due to the passing away of our Founder Carl Frederick, we are in the process or reorganizing our volunteer team that can respond to your request as a member. At this time there is no person-to-person support available and we are not accepting any membership.

Roj Prasad, President
American Pro Se Association

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APSA was highlighted on NJN as a leading Pro Se organization in the country. You can see Carl Frederick the President of APSA discuss the benefits of being a member.


So you require legal help? Well you came to the right place. Become a member and you’ll find sample forms, description of law, and how to proceed as a pro se (Latin for “for self”) to represent your case in court. However, since everyone here is a volunteer we need your membership payment to keep the APSA alive and accessible to you America.

In fact the total donations by officers and volunteers, for every year exceed the total of dues collected from members! Legal Books and CD-ROM resources costs thousands of dollars. In order to provide quality information we must stay up to date, therefore your membership dues are very important. Your membership allows APSA to:

  • Work with the Courts Systems to make them more user friendly
  • Work to get laws and rules more fair and equitable
  • Work with Lawyers and Bar Groups in helping people have affordable access to the Legal System
  • American Pro Se Association does not provide legal advise, but we provide legal information enabling you to draft your own documents which must be reviewed by an attorney before filing.


Legal & Financial Help is provided Free as information and help by the APSA (American Pro Se Association). It is NOT Legal Advice which can ONLY be provided by trained professionals (Lawyers and Financial Advisors and Counselors). We DO NOT DO ANY PAPERWORK FOR YOU. We empower you with information so YOU CAN WRITE YOUR PAPERS YOURSELF.   If you have a PC and know how to use a word processor and take time to read through this site, you should be able to do some — or all — of your work easily. 


Professionals are entitled to be paid for their time, which can rapidly add up to big numbers. As a consequence many people are forced to proceed PRO SE (Latin for: “For Self”) or they may be involved in a minor matter where the cost of engaging an attorney might be more than the matter is worth. In many instances a most valid reason for organizing and drafting one’s own initial papers is that doing so will enable a person to present the material to the attorney they engage in a manner that should:
1) Cut down on the billable hours the attorney will need to learn and pursue the matter;
2) Should help the attorney better understand and pursue the case; and
3) Help you to better understand some of the legal aspects so as to better interface with their attorney.

There are also many types and values of cases that are better and more economically pursued as a Pro Se so long as one has their papers and the matter reviewed by a local attorney — to make sure one is not making a big mistake — before filing and serving such papers.

One of the most important uses of the information provided by this free service is to enable you to know what materials might be of value; where to find them and how to start organizing the file. There are few events in life with a worse sinking feeling than to be served a summons and complaint, not have money to engage an attorney; and not know how and where to start to defend yourself. Many of the members of the American Pro Se Association have successfully defended themselves in law suits ranging from $50,000 to over $1 million with a PC, determination and paying expenses and filing fees themselves.

This service is organized around a Library, organized by general category from which one can access information on various financial and legal subjects. Providing such information in a subject category designed for ease of search is difficult and at this time is far from complete.

One benefit of this resource is to enable people to organize and save large legal costs by using their lawyer efficiently – or even to use the attorney only for certain guidance and to otherwise do much of the work yourself.


Roj Prasad has been volunteering time and financial support to create, maintain and improve this web site since 1996. Carl Frederick of Frederick Research is the author of all the content and the founder of the American Pro Se Association.

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