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Federal Bankruptcy Exemptions

The Various States which Allow the Use of Federal Exemption Guidelines Instead of their own exemptions such as the Texas exemptions may be used if you Choose. Those Who Are Married couples can Double All Federal Exemptions.

For a complete list of states and exemptions see the list at the side or bottom of this page. Remember that is is important to consult with an attorney regarding your rights and the processes of bankruptcy to make sure you are following the laws properly and to assure that you will have the maximum and full protection of bankruptcy. See the side of this page for a form you may fill out to receive a consultation at no charge from one of our caring bankruptcy support legal team. Additionally, you will find other valuable resources and specific lawyers who are standing by to help you file for bankruptcy.

(11 USC § 522)
Homestead aka Home or Home Property Real estate property, including mobile home or co-op, $17,450; Any unapplied or unused part or portion of home or homestead up to $8,725 can be credited toward or applied to any other type of property (d)(1)
Insurance – Disability, Unemployment, Life Disability insurance, illness insurance or illness and/or unemployment benefits received and to be received

Life insurance including payments either/or for self or persons depending on debtor, which are needed for financial living support

Life insurance policy that includes loan value, in built-up value aka accrued interest or dividends, up to the amount of $9,300

Life insurance that is in the form of an un-mature life insurance contract; however, not included or covered in this exemption are credit insurance policies





Miscellaneous Exemptions – Alimony, Child Support Any alimony or child support that are need for support (d)(10(D)
Pensions Exceptions Any benefits that are ERISA-qualified which are needed for financial living support (d)(10)(E)
Exemption for Personal property Property that includes animals, farm and other garden crops, personal and work clothing, home and household and property appliances, personal books, home and house furnishings, house-hold goods, personal property such as musical instruments up to the amount of $425 per item, up to a total of $9,300

Health equipment or aids such as oxygen tanks, scooter mobility chairs, and much more.

Personal Jewelry up to $1,150, especially when family heirlooms.

Payments for lost earnings

Car, automobile, motor vehicle up to the amount of $2,775

Recoveries for personal injury up to the amount of $17,425 (but not including payments and recoveries made under the heading of “pain and suffering” or losses of a pecuniary nature)

Recoveries obtained under the heading of “Wrongful death” in which the person who died was the person whom the debtor relied upon for financial support.










Exemption for Public Assistance or benefits Compensation for Crime victims

Welfare, food stamps, WIC, and other forms of public assistance

Income from Social Security

Compensation for unemployment and other unemployment and training benefits and income

Benefits for veterans






Trade Tools Exemption Tools, books, instruments of trade or livelihood, and other implements, up to the amount of $1,750 (d)(6)
Wages Exemption under Federal Exemptions NONE are Provided under the Federal Bankruptcy Exemptions Guidelines  
FEDERAL WILD CARD EXEMPTIONS $925 worth of any kind of property

Up to the amount of $8,725 being applied from any unused portion of the federal homestead exemption, being applied towards any and all type of property




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