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Stop Hemorrhaging Cash, Get Your Kit On Filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Here

Do you find yourself struggling just to pay bills that are well past due? Tired of getting calls and letters from collection agents? Contact our firm for a getting started kit for bankruptcy chapter 11 inHoustontoday. Once your debts pass a certain point, paying late bills no longer helps. In fact, it just prolongs the inevitable.

Our Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Kit includes:

  • Information on filing types
  • Asset organization forms
  • Debt collection notice forms
  • Eligibility requirements
  • And loads more!


Don’t sit at home pulling out your hair looking for a solution, get in touch with us for your quick start kit that lets you know everything about filing bankruptcy chapter 11 in Houston. There is help out there and you are entitled to it, so what are you waiting for?

Get your Chapter 11 Bankruptcy quick start kit now!


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Dear Mr. Emerson, thank you so much for keeping us informed through the whole bankruptcy process. We know that when we called your office or come into the office with questions that we could expect them to be answered quickly and thoroughly. Thanks for the amazing results which basically meant we got to keep your assets through bankruptcy—this was much than we expected. Our paralegal gets a review of excellent. Our attorney gets a review of excellent, and finally, our overall impression gets a gold star. Thanks again, Sincerely, Jenny B.