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The Advantage of Using a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Houston

If you happen to be one of the several consumers looking to file chapter 13 bankruptcy inHouston, prepare for a tough fight. Most see bankruptcy as a last resort, as opposed to effective solution for short term financial insolvency. The rules regarding chapter 13 bankruptcy inHoustonhave changed drastically over the years making some debts eligible, and other ineligible for filing. If you’re tired of the calls from collection agents and want to get back on the path to solvency, hiring a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney inHoustonis the first step in the right direction.

Our bankruptcy lawyers in Houstoncan help with:

  • Understanding the filing process
  • Discovering the right filing for you
  • Restructuring your debts
  • Saving your assets from repossession
  • And other helpful information

Being overextended is already stressful enough, our skilled lawyers are here to help remove the stress and stop the collection agent’s phone calls. To initiate the process, sign up for our getting started on bankruptcy package now!

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Dear Mr. Emerson, thank you so much for keeping us informed through the whole bankruptcy process. We know that when we called your office or come into the office with questions that we could expect them to be answered quickly and thoroughly. Thanks for the amazing results which basically meant we got to keep your assets through bankruptcy—this was much than we expected. Our paralegal gets a review of excellent. Our attorney gets a review of excellent, and finally, our overall impression gets a gold star. Thanks again, Sincerely, Jenny B.